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Nita Callahan
13 November 2011 @ 04:09 pm
Things suck right now.

One thing Nita is sure of: she can afford to stay at Milliways for a while to help deal with this. And if there's any possibility that the demon got a foot in her mental door, she's not going back to her own world to let it loose there. She supposes that means she'll be spending a lot of time sleeping in booths, given that the demon is most likely upstairs. Or better yet, not sleeping. She's going to get pretty tired of coffee, but--

I've got your boy. Upstairs.

The note arrives with her coffee and sits there on the surface of the Bar, waiting for her to pick it up. It's written on plain white paper -- not a napkin, like the notes Bar gives out. The handwriting isn't anything she recognizes.

I've got your boy.

"Oh no you fucking don't," she whispers, and whirls towards the stairs.
Nita Callahan
12 November 2011 @ 08:30 pm
(Hey, do you know when a door's not a door?)

Nita blinks and glances sideways at the dark-haired boy walking next to her. Their footsteps don't make any sound on the stone floor of the hallway; it might as well be carpeted.

The boy grins. (When it's a metaphor. Get it?)

". . . That's not how that joke is supposed to go," Nita objects.

(No, but my answer's more useful.)

She rolls her eyes, amused. The walls of the hallway are lined with doorways, plain stone frames with no doors in them. They all appear to lead to different places -- landscapes of fire, of water, of rock or ice or gigantic gears. Nita glances at them as they go past, but in the manner of dreams, they don't seem very remarkable. A very large lobster waves a claw at her from one doorway; she waves back politely.

"So I guess I'm dreaming," she comments.

(That seems like a good guess,) he agrees.

"Who're you?"

He looks at her sidelong, serious now. (I'm not who you think I am.)

Puzzled, she stops walking and turns to look at him. "Wait, hold still, let me look at you."

He shakes his head, striding forward. (It won't help.)

"Of course it won't if you don't stop moving," she says, annoyed, trying to catch up. She tries to grab his hand. "Why won't you stay with me?"

Her hand goes right through his black clothing. It burns. (Because you've got bigger fucking things to worry about than which boyfriend your subconscious is manifesting as!) he snaps, and then whirls around to face her.


Nita screams.

Behind him -- it -- the doorways are going black one by one, like a shadowy tsunami channeled down a narrow inlet and coming right



She wakes up to the sound of banging on her bedroom door and Rebecca's muffled voice. "Nita? You okay in there?"

It takes her a moment of swallowing to make sure her voice is going to be reasonably steady. "Sorry, Bec. Bad dream."

Now she just has to figure out exactly what it's trying to tell her.

As soon as her heart stops pounding.
Nita Callahan
18 October 2011 @ 09:23 pm
Nita realizes that when she agreed to start dating a sex mage, she probably should have expected things to get complicated.

And she also realizes that when she gave Matt permission to sleep with other people, she probably should have expected that he would, you know, take her up on it.

And yet somehow, in spite of how rational both of these thoughts are and how much she's repeating them to herself, she finds she's having trouble knowing how to feel about the revelation that Matt has, in fact, slept with other people.

What's a girl to do in a situation like this?

Taking her alternate-universe-ex-boyfriend/boyfriend's boyfriend up on his offer of conversation seems like a good start.

. . . My life, Nita reflects as she pulls out her phone and plugs in the appropriate spell, is very strange.
Nita Callahan
23 July 2011 @ 12:02 pm
[After all this. And breakfast.]

The first thing Nita does once breakfast is over is pull out her manual and start putting together a report. It helps her get her thoughts in order to describe, as objectively as possible, everything that's happened since yesterday: the unexpected attack by the zombie, the way she disposed of it, Josiah's affect and symptoms after being bitten, the healing, and the results the morning after. It's still incredible, even when it's all laid out in the business-like perfective past of the Speech.

Her next step is to update the manual's précis on Earth's crisis. Wizards all over the world contribute to this section, keeping everyone aware of where the worst zombie hordes are, who's in need of backup, what environmental catastrophes are being exacerbated by the undead.

Juanita L. Callahan
+42° 18' 57.27", -74° 15' 25.38"
Possible case of immunity to Z-virus in male human. See report. Please advise.

It's about five minutes before the incredulous messages start coming in. The second one is the one she wants -- that's the one from Irina Mladen, the Planetary wizard.

It's not that Irina doesn't believe Nita, but she does want a lot more details for confirmation than Nita is currently able to provide. Nita promises, several times, that as soon as the conversation is over she'll go interview Josiah and try to fill in the holes.

But the bottom line is that he has to be immune, Nita insists in one message. I saw the attack, I saw the bite, I felt the virus in his body when I did the healing. I don't have any illusions about my abilities, Irina: I'm a good healer, but I don't have the power and nobody has the expertise to cure the Z-virus. But he's up on his feet cooking lunch right this second.

Irina's response: I do agree, Nita. This situation is too important to base on our hopes or desires, though. We must exhaust what few other possibilities there are -- even the possibility of a direct intervention by the Powers That Be.

Maybe that's
your hope, Nita shoots back, frustrated. So far They've been even more hands-off than usual. I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for Them to intervene again, not when we can do something right now.

The main problem, they eventually agree, is how to test Josiah's immunity. Exposing him to infection if there's any possibility that it would harm him -- or Nita, or others -- would violate the Oath. Nita finally, running out of ideas, suggests taking a look at Josiah's kernel -- and to her surprise, Irina leaps at the thought.

An investigative intervention ought to be minimally invasive and have minimal risks, and you have been involved with enough successful kernel interventions that I trust you to do it yourself. If you can get his agreement, I'll approve the necessary gating.

Nita perks up. I'll talk to him. I'll keep direct exposure on the table as an option, too, but we'll save that for a last resort.

I cannot say I like that,
replies Irina, but I suppose we must. Keep me informed about what he says.

Nita finally looks up from her manual and rolls her neck and shoulders to get the kinks out. She's been bent over the book in the living room for a couple of hours, now.
Nita Callahan
02 June 2011 @ 10:38 am
It's finally summer vacation, which means it's time for hot weather, shorts and sandals, and a couple weeks off before summer internships start. Nita intends to spend as much of her weeks off as possible either asleep or at Milliways.

She's in a good mood when she wanders into the bar. She's got iced tea, a seat at the counter, and all the time in the world.
Nita Callahan
11 April 2011 @ 05:42 pm
Saturday, April 17th, 2010 is a little chilly, a little drizzly, and Nita could not care less because it's her 21st bithday.

Lilly and Rebecca have been making plans for Saturday night all week. Occasionally they even check in with Nita about them. Dinner at a nice Italian place where her under-21 friends can join them, then bar- and club-hopping "until somebody passes out," Lilly declares with a laugh.

It's less important to Nita where she goes, and more important who she's going with. Kit said he might try to come up, even though he's still underage himself. A half-dozen of her closest friends from school will be there (including Peter, who has solemnly promised to stay sober and keep an eye on proceedings).

And then there's Matt.
Nita Callahan
31 December 2010 @ 04:21 pm
Nita can't decide which is sillier: how long it took her and Matt to plan a date in his world, or how long she spent with Carmela and Dairine last night decided on an outfit and hairstyle.

(She still can't believe that Dairine helped. Granted, a lot of her so-called advice was just teasing Nita about her nerves and her taste, but the little brat came through in the end. After all that time on Wellakhit, Dairine has some surprisingly insightful thoughts on how to deal with potential conversations with a guy's friends and family.)

She ended up in jeans and a long-sleeved, scoop-necked top of dark blue, which she hopes is actually as casual but pretty as Carmela assured her. Now she's just waiting for Matt at Milliways, firmly telling herself that her hair looks very nice down and to stop fidgeting with it.
Nita Callahan
12 April 2010 @ 02:07 pm
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Nita Callahan
06 March 2010 @ 06:50 pm
[Sometime not too long after this Matt-Laura?]

Okay, college is hard and full of work. But sometimes that work is reading. Nita really can't complain about having to sit in Milliways with a mug of tea and a copy of Heart of Darkness. And the best part is that with the asynchronous timestreams, she can get way ahead on this book and still have all weekend to do her math homework!

. . . Nita Callahan's Friday nights, ladies and gentlemen.